Collaboration can occur in many different spaces– meeting in a room, finding a free corner, talking across a desk, or even over the internet to the other side of the world.

OpenSquare is helping reshape the way people collaborate in a connected world. We integrate people, space and technology with the best products on the market. From simple lounge spaces to mobile collaboration stations, our workspace solutions provide you with the best tools for innovation.


OpenSquare can help you create advanced conferencing space that meets the growing needs of your company. Workplaces continue to evolve and we offer more options to design your space with optimal functionality and aesthetics. Many of our conference tables are multimedia enabled and provide ample ability for attendees to connect to data and power sources. We offer a variety of sizes, heights and finishes to choose from.

In addition to the conference table, OpenSquare features a large selection of seating chairs and technology tools for better meeting functionality. A Steelcase Workplace Survey found that 40% of workers waste up to thirty minutes a day searching for a meeting space. Fortunately, the RoomWizard is a web-based room-scheduling system that solves this dilemma, connecting workers to meeting spaces to help eliminate wasted time.


Today’s worker often needs to undergo additional learning to maintain their competitive edge. OpenSquare workspace solutions incorporate either permanent or temporary corporate learning environments to promote more effective training.

We offer training spaces with a variety of collaborative table options that can manage wires, cables and data hook-ups, and then flip and fold for easy storage when not in use.  In addition, there are multiple seating options, providing non-stop comfort without the need for adjustment.

bring Technology to the table

Check out our technology and see how that can help enhance the collaboration in your space.

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