Environmental stewardship and sustainability are core values of OpenSquare. As we work with architects, designers and customers, we look for environmentally sound choices from product design to manufacturing, maintenance, refurbishment and end-of-life disposition.

OpenSquare partners with Steelcase in a highly comprehensive end-of-use program. The Steelcase Environmental Partnership Program allows customers the choice of donating, refurbishing, reselling or recycling their retired workspace furnishings. The program works extensively with furniture recycling and reuse programs that can match unneeded office furnishings with non-profit groups around the world.

OpenSquare also recognizes a corporate obligation to operate in earth-friendly ways by:

  • Recycling tons of materials from jobsites and our own warehouses each year
  • Utilizing Electronic Document Management to store documents, reducing paper consumption significantly
  • Adopting energy-efficient lighting
  • Acquiring fuel-efficient, cleaner-burning company vehicles