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With an increased focus on the bottom line, proper management of surplus furniture inventories has become more important than ever. Controlled administration of your storage product can help to forecast moves and new purchases more accurately, reduce wasted time and resources, and positively impact your capital budget.

The term Asset Management refers to an array of services provided to a client to manage various aspects of their furniture assets throughout the furniture lifecycle. OpenSquare adds value to your program by providing the following services for complete management of your assets:

  • Storage and Tracking
  • On-Site Inventory and Lifecycle Tracking
  • Brokerage and Disposal

Asset Management Services

Delivery & Installation/Reconfiguration
Relocation & Move Services
Inventory Management System
Asset Storage and Tracking Program

“Tracy, your PM, and your install team have been killin’ it for us at [client] – which has been a really challenging job due to [another vendor] not sending products as promised. Not only did your team bend over backwards to keep making progress on the job despite the product issues, they also will still finish on time – which is super impressive given the circumstances.”

– Cat Heyn, Director Special Project at Hyphn

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