OpenSquare is committed to supporting the furniture we sell and keeping our customers working.  We maintain a dedicated staff to support small repairs and warranty service in a prompt and complete way.  You may request service and repair through your regular OpenSquare consultant if you have one, or you may initiate your request directly with our Service Department.


We can provide the quickest and best response if you are able to gather the following information: A detailed description of the problem and if possible the model and order number.  Most of the products we sell have a label which contains this information.  If not, no worries, just tell us what you can (digital images can really help!).  Most important is who to contact and how so we can follow up quickly and appropriately.  CLICK HERE to download a pdf form that will prompt you for all the information we need and you can forward it to your workspace consultant or directly to the Service Department at .


You will receive a status from the Service Department within 48 hours of their receiving notice of your request. Depending on the nature of the problem, and whether parts need to be ordered, lead times will vary.  For frequently requested items that we keep in stock, we can often be out to you within the week. In other circumstances the lead times will be longer.  But, either way, we’ll let you know so you can plan. If the problem is under warranty, we’ll handle the paperwork with the manufacturer.  If not, we’ll get you a quote for the cost before we proceed.


If you have an urgent problem such as a health and safety issue or someone has locked their keys in a filing cabinet, please call us at 206-768-8000 and ask for the Service and Warranty department.  We will help you out as quickly as we possibly can.