Episode 16

Smartworking into Our Future

Want to know the upside of the impact of Covid19 on the workplace? Join Gerry Taylor and Nathan Hurley from Orangebox for a truly upbeat conversation about their Smartworking research, the gift of time to think and reimagine, and their intention to bring people back into the workplace with vitality, new energy and positivity.

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Featured on the Show
Years ago, I used to be designing quite a lot of retail stores, and I always tried to say to the client, could we just design 70% of it and we'll leave 30% because you can never get it right. No one has ever gotten 100% right. Well, some people do, some brilliant designers get hotels that you walk into and you say, yeah, wouldn't touch a thing. But generally, you always want to leave space for change and evolution. And that's fundamental to what we are about as a company. That's what's Smartworking is about. Gerry Taylor, Creative Director, Orangebox