In March 1960, a curious new machine was first delivered to a customer by a small, little known company; Haloid Xerox.  It was the size of two clothes washers and weighed 650 lbs.  A few of them were prone to setting themselves on fire. It was the Xerox 914; the world’s first commercial electro-photographic copying machine. It revolutionized business and now copiers are a business necessity.

Can you imagine what your work life would be like without the copier? Before it became a “must-have”, clerks and secretaries spent incalculable hours typing out documents on a typewriter with carbon paper to insure a copy could be retained. Make a mistake?  Start over.

Today, the copier is an omnipresent part of the office landscape.

They glory days of the copier are, however, limited. Bank & Office has implemented Document Locator; an electronic document management system.  Eventually, all documents will be cataloged in an electronic library accessible quickly and easily by anyone on all sorts of devices. Together with progressive customers, we can do business using electronic documents exclusively.  Ultimately, we will be able to reduce the number of copiers and printers, saving money, space, electricity, paper and other resources. Filing needs will drop dramatically.  We can spend more of our time helping our customer.

Bank & Office owners’ willingness to invest in Electronic Document Management puts us in a position of leadership amongst businesses in Washington State and our peers in the nation-wide furniture industry. We will be able to offer customers a more cost effective, agile, and environmentally friendly way to do business with us which none of our competitors can match. It’s a win for the customer, it’s a win for us and it’s LEAN!

~ Danä – Director of IT

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