If you are fortunate enough to work at a company that respects your individuality, you may be allowed to create a space that lets you exude your personal style onto your desk. After all, most full time employees work 40 hours a week (if not more) out of 168 hours possible in 7 days: 24% of our time devoted to our companies. It only seems fair that having some accessories to perk us up during those long hours be allowed in our areas.


Personal Pictures and Photography!

I prefer showing off people I love and places I’ve been to. It reminds me why I work so hard – so I can spend more time with them. Have one picture of you and your family, friends or as many as you need to stay motivated! Also, enjoy some witty phrases and design to keep your space fun!



Something about a plant makes your space feel better. Maybe it’s the extra oxygen? Or that small feeling that you’re closer to the outdoors? Whatever it is, if you enjoy the thought of living organisms creating a clean and green aura around your desk, adopt a plant today!


Supporting Your Local Teams!


That first trophy on the left is from my team in La Liga – I proudly support my local soccer leagues. The second? You are in “dawg country” in our Seattle Showroom, as well as Sounders, Seahawks, and Mariners. Show your pride to the office! Sports are a huge part of our culture – I’m sure you may have a favorite in some league?


Add some color!

Sometimes adding bright colors to your space can beat those rainy day blues (or a “case of the Moondays” ~ Office Space). Adding pinks, blues, greens and yellows throughout can make your drab space look fab!


Trinkets and Personal Creations

I work in a creative office. Our front desk admin, Mary, made the cupcake tier to the left. Cyndi, one of our sales associates, found this angel at a craft fair to the right. Knick-knacks, homemade art, pieces that make you feel more comfortable at work help promote your personal happiness and overall can help with your productivity. Explore pieces that make your desk feel homey without over-cluttering.


By being allowed to express yourself, a company shows its flexibility to their employees. Bring in a few pieces to make your space your own! Have any pieces I’m missing? Let us know in the comment section!


~ Kendal

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