I’ve been feeling a creative lapse the past few weeks and the office has been slammed with work (which means my cool co-workers have not been able to write anything up for me). In times like these, I do searches to find some innovative, smart, and sassy bloggers to help get my artistic juices flowing. In this case, I came across a blog of the top 25 design and furniture blogs (and I do recommend checking padstyle.com’s full article here) as assessed by padstyle. I was happy to see I follow a few of them and added one or two of my own. Enjoy!


Design Milk: The write on architecture, art, home furnishings, interior design, style, fashion and technology. They also have a sister site for dog lovers…which makes them that much cooler.


Inhabitat: Writing on greener solutions in architecture, products, interiors, technology, transportation and more. They find some great images of sustainable concepts, as well!


Decor 8: Sometimes you just want to be crafty and create something fun and interesting. Check out this blog for fresh ideas for the home and office!

Turnstone: Though they are one of our main vendors at Bank & Office Interiors, the content they put out on their blog goes beyond pushing office furniture – and I appreciate that.


Nurture: I know, another one of our vendors – but if you’re designing for the healthcare industry, this is not a bad blog to check out what’s going on. They go from why clinicians should sit when interacting w/ patients to kimono robes and new hospital designs. Definitely worth checking out!


Again, be sure to check out Padstyle’s full article here. And let me know if I should have a few more blogs on my list!


Thanks! Kendal

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