Yesterday, B&OI had the pleasure of receiving training from Libby – a Steelcase brand manager who has great presentation style and a whole lot of energy! Of the 2 presentations, the one I found extremely interesting was on the interconnected workspaces and how ready people and offices are to evolve/adapt to the changing times. Here are a few figures I pulled from the pptx presentation that I found interesting. Note: Steelcase spends years researching different concepts and trends and creates White Papers on topics like this – visit their white papers site at


Global integration: “Capitalizing on the collective intelligence of global teams is a top priority, and 80% of organizations feel they need to collaborate more, but 78% say they struggle to effectively connect their workplace”


Creativity: “CEOs in the IBM research (2010) ranked Creativity as the most important leadership quality, just ahead of integrity and global thinking”.


Favorite Quote: “Acceleration is Accelerating” – Steelcase Workspace Futures: “Lengthy planning cycles have been replaced with clear plans and strategies that are nimble and responsive. Organizations need to promote a mindset of being fast and flexible: Act Quickly. Make decisions when you “know enough” and resist the urge to wait until you “know it all.”


Mobile: “Skype wanted to understand workers who are “remote” or who are mobile outside of the office and what they found is that 62% of businesses have remote workers, and of their total workforce 34% work away from the office, but as you can see they’re out of the office 40% of the time – which means that 60% of the time they are in their workplace”.


Quotes were taken from the training power point and should be credited to Steelcase’s research. The facts and figures were all based off of additional studies and seem to be the direction that things are moving. So what do you think? Is the place you work ahead of the game or waaaay back at the starting line?

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