Who says you can’t have your cake and do schoolwork too? It would seem that college campuses alike are in agreement. Campus Cafe’s, or in more lament terms- cafeterias, are receiving some much deserved attention to focus these spaces on the needs of their users.

Falcon has an understanding of the main needs of those students…besides the normal college shenanigans. In an informational brochure created by Falcon, their research shows that Campus Cafes should focus on three main ingredients:



It would seem that while a Campus Café serves the purpose of feeding those always hungry students it can also serve a larger purpose of being an area to gather and be social. Campus Café’s should not only serve food, but should help fuel student’s energy in a comfortable space that encourages social interaction outside of classroom walls. These central eating hubs are being recognized as an area where students can have not only individual workspace but group meeting space among friends or classmates.

Campus Cafés are also providing an opportunity for continuing education outside of the classroom.  Through the use of zoning, designers are helping to create distinct areas of study for students, whether it is collaborative or quiet study. Cafés are adapting to students’ needs for a new environment outside of classrooms and libraries which can serve as an academic area. Cafés are also adapting to new age technology that these so called “Millennial’s” are demanding  through choosing furniture that allows for students to have flexibility. Quick, easy access to plug in and stay connected is crucial for students to work effectively.

While most college students are hopeful they will have a much deserved break between classes, the likelihood of students walking off campus to head to their residences are slim to none. Campus Café’s therefore need to serve as a home away from home for students. Through the use of incorporating large screen TV’s, lounge areas and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, students will gather for expectations outside of school work.


To get more insight and tips on how to make the most of out the Campus Café common spaces check out Falcon’s brochure: Campus Café or Multipurpose Space http://www.falconproducts.com/docs/4074.pdf

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