If you work in an office, or have in the past, chances are you remember something cool your company did for you that wasn’t necessarily in your contract. Like free coffee in the break room or a company softball team (sponsored with fun t-shirts). These office perks are a way to keep morale up and your employees generally happy. Over the past few years, the amount and extremes of perks have gone down significantly, but there are still some out there worth offering your team. Here are a few of the favorites (and feel free to let me know of any I may have missed):


– Snacks (like fruit and granola) in the break room (along with the free coffee)

– Tuition Reimbursement (or free school altogether!)

– Sports Teams (nothing like team bonding over a playing field)

– Paid Sabbaticals (who doesn’t need a little me time)

– In-House Gyms (or memberships to local gyms)

– Good Office Furniture (never underestimate the importance of a good chair)


Check out more from Inc.’s article and Boston.com’s article for some more of the best office perks.

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