If this is what your desk looks like,

add “get organized” to you 2012 list!

Hello. My name is Kendal and I am a procrastinator. It has been 84 days since I set my new year’s resolutions and I have yet to check in and see how I’m doing. Beyond the standard “lose 10lbs, drink less, exercise more” promises I’ve made (and had varying results with), there were the ones I wrote on for the office: get organized, set goals and start networking.


With any project you take, evaluating the progress and success is necessary. It may also become apparent that modifying the original plan to reach a goal would be beneficial; even if that means deterring from what you thought would be best. So…let’s review!


1. Get organized: I wrote on getting your papers and files under control and going through the piles that haven’t been touched and recycle them. I’ve actually done this at both work and home, though maintain the tendency to stack and leave. This is especially true with mail I get that exists online, as well. My revamped goal is to go as paperless where possible and to stop leaving piles of papers to rediscover. Additionally, using the shredder or a shredding service as opposed to just leaving them next to the shredder for a rainy day.


2. Set Goals: My goal is to stay on track for my Master’s Program and I can safely say I am on task there. I’m in the classes I need and signed up for the ones in the summer to be done in December. To revamp this, I need to stay on top of all the coursework that’s adding up due to the two courses I’m taking instead of the recommended one. Staying focused on the goal and what it entails is the big issue for me – so my new goal here is to keep motivated and get the work done.


3. Start Networking: I started the new year like a networking fiend – meeting new people, hitting events, getting introductions. I finally got my calling card made, as well, and was all set to use them…and then classes started. My networking goal was like my weight loss goal – it started out with a lot of promise and has slowly fizzled out. However, I know this (like eating right) is important, so here my revamp goal: hit at least one networking event a month and make time for emails. Networking is more than one step and I always hit the 2nd…but maintaining these relationships is important and I need to give time to them.


So…how are you on your goals? Any that need to be revamped? Let us know!



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