We are in the middle of the 2nd week of January and as I have already destroyed my diet plans by eating cake and bangers and mash for supper last night, I plan on refocusing my resolutions for 2012 on my professional self. January is a great time to refresh goals, plan for the future and start something new. So…what do you plan on accomplishing in 2012? Here are a few ideas:


1. Get Organized: Look around your desk space at work and at home. Spotless?  Probably not and it doesn’t necessarily need to be. But if you have a pile of papers you can’t remember the last time you went through or a file drawer that hasn’t been opened since 2008 – you may want to go through and recycle. Keep the important items, shred or dispose of the unnecessary. Often lose items or documents? Make a place for each item – get that pencil holder/file holder/paper tray/cabinet. Now is a great time to make your space work for you!


2. Set Goals: Want to get your MBA? Learn a new language? Take charge of your finances? Clean out your closet? Create a better social media strategy? Write it down and put that goal in a place you can see it daily. Every time you get a little bit closer, give yourself a small reward. Positive reinforcement can remind you why you’re aiming for this in the first place.


3. Start Networking: Seattle is full of clubs and organizations where you can meet people with similar interests (and possibly goals). Join your chamber of commerce, attend that working woman’s lunch, see if your Alma mater has a mentor/mentee program you can become part of (or a local chapter of the alumni association). In addition to giving your business a promotion and possibly meeting customers (in a non-formal/non-sales pitch like atmosphere), you may start networking with people with interests and concepts beyond you current scope – thus teaching you something new.


Two additional articles with some great tips and ideas for 2012 are at Turnstone’s Blog and  at About.com. (I personally like about.com’s #9 tip, but didn’t want to self promote. But I’m glad to see they thought of it, too!).


Good luck with your resolutions – it’s never too late to start anew! Would you add any tips to my list?



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