Happy New Year! I hope you had a great evening and day bringing in 2013! As we look towards what will hopefully be another great year, I encourage you to check out some some cool resolutions to make for yourself. Personally I have a hard time keeping to one for a whole year, but knowing I promised myself to be healthier, be happier, and grow professionally, checking in on some of these will be good.

Health: http://buff.ly/Uzujv2 (from Fitness Magazine)

Life: buff.ly/UzvbQm (from Inc Magazine)

Work: buff.ly/YQz0Eh http://buff.ly/UhlWBL http://buff.ly/Uy1wYE http://buff.ly/WNjjK5 – from Bank & Office Interiors/BarclayDean, Turnstone, and Inc Magazine


Today’s blog is on finding privacy in the office and incorporating an old concept to integrate within the ever changing office floorplan – the telephone booth:


My office space kind of looks like one with a sliding glass door and smaller size. Turnstone just wrote a great blog (with some very cool pictures and ideas) highlighting the benefits of this small, private space. The modular style area would be great for personal phonecalls, deals that are sensitive in nature (for example, your company is merging with another and you’re making super secret plans to throw a mixer for it…),group meeting space for 2-3 employees, and even phone/skype meetings. Working in an open space plan provides few options for these types of situations and instead of using the 1 conference room, creating a private area could be worth it.


Check out Turnstone’s blog for some cool ideas for your office – I personally like the pods.



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