Here’s a scenario for you to think over: It’s time to buy some office furniture. You and your team are moving into a new space and would like some adult/contemporary/fun/functional/affordable pieces to make the vanilla walls (that you’re hoping to get some cool decals for soon!) seem a little less blah. What do you do?


First you check out the big manufacturer websites to see what you like – and notice the prices (ouch). You love what you see but know your budget can’t go there. And you really don’t want to go the Swedish manufacturer route. What can you do?


Have you thought about pre-owned furniture? I know, I know – new is awesome. But sometimes a piece of lightly used, barely touched, or possibly re-upholstered pieces are a less expensive alternative to get some great furniture for the office. What you should look into is if your local dealerships (like us, for example 😉 have a pre-owned furniture program. Many companies are going this route to offer customers (both new and returning) cheaper alternatives to the brand new pieces. I know we belong to a national program that allows us to bring in specific furniture if a customer is requesting it (besides some of the great pieces we’ve already acquired that are in house). It’s a perfect way to find used pieces that you like at a price you can afford.


Also – think of this as a great “green” solution. These pre-owned pieces could have wound up in a landfill. Instead, companies like ours find new homes for the office furniture to extend their life. That chair would much rather be sat in than crushed and very slowly rotting on the shores of your city…trust me.


By purchasing pre-owned furniture, you’re being budget conscience and earth-friendly. In this day and age, that combo can not be beat. So talk to your local office furniture dealers, see if they have a pre-owned program an schedule and appointment. You will not be sorry!


Also, if you’re in the King County, WA area, come check out our warehouse sale:


~ Kendal

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