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What does the future of work look like? The WorkBetter Lab takes a look at the technology, design, and furniture shaping it. Get the latest insights on returning to a better workplace.

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Any connection with nature, from looking out the window to lying in the grass, has positive psychological effects and benefits for each of us. The intensified stress we feel in the healthcare environment diminishes with increased access to healing nature.

What sets a strong brand apart is creative that not just resonates with us, but speaks purely, simply, and elegantly to our clients, our partners, and even our competitors.

And throughout all this ‘return to the office’ planning, we’ve been thinking about our people. How will they feel? What can we do to keep them safe and connected? Are there ways we can help reduce stress?

Borrowing from Abraham Maslow’s research, this outline presents a hierarchical guide we developed to help organizations reopen their doors and address the concerns, needs, and hopes for their employees in a post COVID-19 work environment.

Our One Workplace blog gives ideas on how to elevate the work experience by using new design, fabrication & construction methods to create places to collaborate, focus & inspire.