Due to an influx in projects and deadlines, I could not come up with a well thought out blog for today. However, that does not mean I can not supply you with a somewhat entertaining¬† post. When thinking of something quick and fun I could write about, I randomly thought of the word “shenanigans”. And then I searched the phrase “office shenanigans” online and found some odd, yet hilarious, short videos for your enjoyment.


Tin Foil? Click here!

Post its? Click here! – “it changes the whole room”.

Poor Craig! Click here!and the consequence


I didn’t know this, but I guess Butterfingers had a promotion for an office shenanigan, too. Click here for one of the entries!



Working in a showroom, we don’t get to partake in crazy shenanigans like these (which is fine). And unless you know your coworkers are cool with small pranks, I wouldn’t recommend gift wrapping their cube for their birthday without knowing their temperament, as well as your company’s tolerance policy.


Alright, it seems we are close to getting through this hump day – thank you for letting my slack a little and I hope you enjoyed the videos!


~ Kendal

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