Good Morning!


Here at Bank & Office Interiors, we have what most people would call a more formal, professional dress at our locations in Seattle. As a working showroom, it is necessary that we all look presentable and fancy – like our awesome furniture! In one respect, I like dressing up and wearing neat clothing. The phrase, “she looks smart” makes me smile (because I hear it in a British accent). On the other side, who wouldn’t want to wear a pair of jeans to work with a nice sweater or cardigan (or blazer)?


Below, our Project Manager is showcasing the latest in B&OI fashion that our guys wear while on job sites. It actually looks really sharp (smart 🙂 to have everyone looking uniformed while at a different location. The warehouse employees have it a little more laid back than we do up at the showroom. But since they receive very few visitors, they are given a little more leeway in what they wear.


What do you think? Does your company have uniforms? What’s the tone in the office? Semi-professional? Casual? Suits and ties?



Thanks! Kendal

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