In 6 days, it will officially be 2013. You survived the non-existent Mayan Apocalypse, you survived your in-laws and the holiday hoopla. And now you’re tasked with going into 2013 better than 2012. So why not set up some office resolutions for yourself?


Not much different than your regular resolutions, this will hopefully help with a well-balanced lifestyle. Think about it, Monday – Friday, your daily schedule is probably broken down like this (and this is if you don’t have children): 7 hrs, sleeping; 1 hour, grooming/getting ready; 9 hours, working, 2.5 hours, eating/food prepping, 1.5 hours, working out; 3 hours, random activity (more work, watching TV, meetup, etc). 9 hours in an office….let’s set some goals to make this better!


1. Clean Out That Inbox!

You’ve been cc’d on emails you didn’t need to be on 3 months ago that you still have not deleted. And why? Because the email you really needed to keep was right after that one and you have completely forgotten it’s existence. Spend 15 minutes a day the first week (or two) of January de-cluttering your inbox. Why? First off, it’s taking up space on your company server. Second, it really is unnecessary information you don’t need. Save the important emails in personal folders to help maintain a categorized system, but try and start fresh this new year.


2. Clean Out Your Desk Space!

Some people are pilers. Some are collectors. Others just don’t like to throw anything anyway! Now is the time to go through your stashes and file folders to see what you can purge. Afraid you may throw something important away? Why not scan it and save it on a disk or thumb drive? Or a folder on your desktop?


3. Eat out less!

Every now and then, I forget my lunch and have to grab a salad from downstairs. I usually splurge and get a soda and some potato chips. Average cost? $8.90 before tip. If I had to do that every day? That’s nearly $50 a week/ $200 a month. And that’s just lunch. Not only is bringing in your own food cheaper, it’s a great way to watch what you’re eating…literally. Many times take out places are using oils and fats your not aware of. Or maybe you didn’t realize the amount of sodium in those fast food french fries. Make it a full year goal to track when you’re eating out, what you’re eating out, and how much you spend to help reduce for the following year.


4. Get up more!

There have been numerous studies on the negative affects of sitting for hours on end in front of the computer. I’ve written a few blogs on exercising or getting up at work – but now is the time to make a conscience effort to improve this ratio. Set up a reoccurring meeting on your calendar in which it goes off every hour or two. Get more water, do some stretching, take a quick social visit to the front desk to get your mail…the more excuses the better. If you don’t have the luxury of a sit-to-stand station, this is a great way to remind yourself to get up and moving.


Additional items like drinking more water, working towards a promotion, getting an office fitness class or team together, actually taking lunch away from your desk are also great ideas! Do you have any I’m missing? Let us know in the comments!


~ Kendal

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