B&OI/BD are NEOCON veterans…but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help to brush up on the do’s and don’ts from time to time. I’m pulling out an old blog from the archive to help refresh those attending, both new and old, on how to handle this amazing event!


NEOCON 2013 is being held at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago from June 10th – 12th. This is the premier tradeshow to go to if you’re in the interior design / furniture industry for office, healthcare, educational, hospitality, GSA/gov, and retail. With amazing vendors showcasing their latest wares, this is the place to be to see the latest and greatest designs and schmooze with clients and vendors alike.


Check out NEOCON’s official website here.

And follow them on twitter: @NeoCon


The bonus, of course, is that this is being held in an amazing city that offers a variety of shows, restaurants, and extra-curricular activities to attend. Besides the parties the vendors are throwing, you can catch an act at The House of Blues. Or, if you’re in town for the weekend (10-12th), hit up the FREE Blues Festival.


And don’t forget your restaurants!!!


The thing to remember with NEOCON is that it is a 3 day marathon of your senses. You’re going to be meeting people, seeing tons of new designs, entertaining clients, being entertained, and you need to do it all in 72 hours (don’t forget to sleep!). It sounds like enough time, right? It isn’t. B&OI has been going to NEOCON for the past 15 years and every year they schedule as much as humanly possible in…it’s an amazing feat.


Newbie tips

1. Research! Don’t go in without knowing what you’re coming up against. The show is on multiple floors and you’re going to want to know where the vendors you’re going to see are located

2. Start reserving restaurants now. Really? Yes. I tried to make reservations last year around this time and couldn’t get into 2 popular restuarants…you can not just show up with 5 people on Tuesday night.

3. Prepare! There are a lot of parties and special events going on. Know which ones you can get to if they’re off site of the Mart. Check with your reps and vendors – they should know!

4. If something falls through, don’t stress! A lot can go right at this event, but sometimes, things go a little haywire. Being prepared and knowing back up plans is a great way to avoid stress and frustration.

5. Have fun! This is an amazing event and enjoy it and Chicago while you’re there!




~ Kendal

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