As part of the planning team for B&OI/BarclayDean, I have been neck deep in the process of renaming our company. I feel it’s one of the cooler parts of marketing – your brand image speaks volumes. And your name, if not supported properly, can be a dud. However, with the right amount of planning and care, naming or renaming your company can be a positive and successful experience. I searched the web for some expert  advice when it comes to naming your brand and thought these sites were beneficial.

I found this good resource from  on questions to ask yourself before rebranding: Why do we want to rebrand? What do we want to convey? Are we leading with our brand direction? Check out the full article here.

Learning from other’s mistakes is also a great way to watch out for possible pitfalls. This article from looked at 20 mistakes marketers make when rebranding. Hint: It’s not just about the logo. Click here to read the full article.

And finally, this article from offers 5 good tips for branding – and one I really stand behind. Plan early! This is not an easy process or something that occurs overnight. You can not plan too much for this event. And it is universal. Start-up looking for a new name or 75 year old company trying to get a refresh…plan! Click here for the full article.

After months and months of hard work and going back and forth with teams and thoughts and ideas…I am truly excited to start talking about our new brand (having brand advocates is important!!!). But what I learned from my experience is being prepared and knowing the full scope will make this effort a little less stressful.


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