As I sat in the office yesterday and looked out the window to the beautiful Seattle skyline, I have to admit the thought of taking a four hour lunch may have possibly crossed my mind. Instead, I took a nice 30 minute walk around the neighborhood and soaked up as much sun as I could.




Staying motivated at work during the summer, winter, spring and fall can be challenging. With all the amazing stuff this world has to offer, one has to keep priorities in check to continue producing effective results for your employer. How does one do that, you may ask? Why, by following these cool tips and tricks I found online!


From Peter Murphy of


* Decide what you must achieve today – clarity is power. It allows you to operate in a peak state of concentration and will help ensure you are at your best.


* Break down complex goals into manageable steps – take any project and list the sequence of steps you need to follow. Make sure the steps are big enough to keep your interest but not so small you feel bored.


* Use negative pressure to keep you on target – find someone in the office you trust and has a positive outlook (ideally someone you want to impress). Have them check in on your progress during the day. The fear you have of failing to give a good report will motivate you to finish the projects you’re working on.


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Good luck with the rest of your week!



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