We are working in an interconnected global world. As technology continues to improve and global marketplaces become easier to get to, the need to develop and offer the most current trends in office space and tools becomes a necessity to retain the best employees. Steelcase has written a great  informational blog/white paper on the importance of having an interconnected workplace. Here are a few interesting excerpts from the article:


This new workplace must address the diverse ways people are working today. It must support enhanced collaboration, the essence of knowledge work. It needs to inspire and attract people to work at the office instead of the coffee shop. It should nurture personal wellbeing, and leverage organizational culture and the company’s brand. Overall, this workplace must make the most of every square inch of an organization’s real estate.


An Interconnected Workplace will:

– Optimize every square foot of real estate

– Enhance collaboration as a natural way of working

– Attract, develop, and engage great talent; people really want to work there

– Build the company brand and culture

– Help improve a person’s wellbeing



For more insights, please read the whole article here.

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