I work too much.  Of course, it is my fault.  I have a dozen tasks I’m juggling and I find it hard to put them all aside. It’s as if I think the world would screech to a halt to the woe of everyone else. That’s just plain silly. Time away from all that busy-ness (aka “business”) is important. 


Last week, I took a road trip to Walla Walla ( http://www.wallawalla.org/ ) in the Southeast Washington.  We drove slow, taking small back roads and stopping frequently to enjoy a sweeping vista or a curious road-side tableau.  Standing on an outcrop of rock with a chilly brisk wind, deep breaths were draughts of pure re-creation. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast (http://www.innatblackberrycreek.com/ ) that was charming and the people were so nice. It was a delight to amble along with no deadline, no rush. These are good things. They restore a degree of humanness which our mad-dash world crushes. I’m back at my desk now, refreshed and ready to take on the remains of the year.  But I’m planning my next journey….


Danä, Director of IT

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