As a member of the 24/7 society, work is an essential part of life. In an ideal situation, you love what you do and wouldn’t trade it for anything – even if that means being strapped to your smart phone during your daughter’s soccer game and answering emails at 2am. However, many people are working in a position that they may not have dreamt about. They’re sitting at their desk with a stack of papers trying to stay motivated enough to finish (I blogged on that, too!). So…how can they beat the blues?


Fun, possibly silly refreshing things to do at the office. Here are a few ways you can do to liven up your day and actually make work fun*.


Work Happy Now Suggests:

1. Bring in stickers that a third grade teacher would have i.e. “You are Great,” and pass them out.

2. Have a paper airplane contest on break. Whoever’s plane goes the farthest gets an extra 15 minute break/a prize/lunch for the day.

3. Give every co-worker a special rock that you picked for them and tell them why they got the rock that you gave them.


Project Magazine Suggests:

4. Have an adventure – Be an adventurer.  Look at each day as an opportunity to do something different.  Some adventurers we have had include: hold supplier workshops, start a supplier advisory council, visit some major customers, work on a cross functional team, or organize a talent show.  An adventure can advance your career and make your job more fun.


And from Tom Stern at Fast Company, here are some tongue in cheek ideas:

5. Bring a karaoke machine to the office and stage “American Idol” contests at lunch break (that was the tamest idea).


Ideas like this can help break the monotony of day to day tasks without pulling too much away at the job you have to do. I hope they help!


* These suggestions will vary from person to person – I hope at least one will add a new perspective to your day or at least make you smile to yourself.



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