I don’t know a single person who likes to go to the hospital…much less have to stay in one for a medical reason. And I don’t blame them. First, most people don’t want to be sick or hurt and have to stay in a hospital. Second, if it does occur, the hospital room you’re staying in is definitely not the Ritz. Oh no, it is a sanitized, tiled, somewhat dark, probably 2 person cold excuse for a room. I know you’re there to heal, but it does not ooze with that comforting feeling of your own space that you’re used to and would most likely choose to be in if you could.


An article was brought to me this morning from newest edition of O Magazine that our Healthcare Specialist, Anne, and I agreed would be a great step in patient care. Meet Fable Hospital 2.0 – a blueprint for a hosptial created by researchers that would be a most ideal place for a patient to be…


Updates would include a more spacious bathroom with double doors so that staff could help more easily. An adaptable headwall allowing for more flexible space and less moving around for the patient. Single rooms for patients ensures more sleep and less likely of spreading diseases. Carpet reduces injuries from falls as well as protects against certain pathogens. Rooms with views of nature or just big windows – studies have shown less medication is used in rooms that are sunny or have views. Additionally, hand sanitizers, sound absorbing ceilings and soothing music would also improve the patient’s stay.


The downside to Fable Hospital is the price tag. Lauren Dzubow wrote that these features would increase construction costs by about $29 million. The upside, turn around time on the investment – these upgrades would save you $10 million annually, getting your ROI in 3 years.


Overall, this article makes some great points on where healthcare should be and is going. There are hospitals that have been adapting some of these methods, so here’s to hoping that hospitals being built follow this blueprint.


Check out O Magazine! I couldn’t find this article on their website, but my next read will be “Making your workday healthier, happier…and oh so fulfilling”. 



~ Kendal

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