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It’s not something I readily think about as the marketing rep for an office furniture company. I like to show cool pictures of technologically advanced workstations and executive chairs…not the type of fabric you should choose for a panel. But if you’re going through the process of buying new product or possibly refurbishing / refreshing your classics, then investigating in the aesthetic you will have to look at day in and day out for the next few years is extremely important…so I’d like to show you a few of our favorite companies to look at.


Architex – with multiple lines in various shapes, colors and (rather importantly) prices, Architex offers a wide variety to make your office and furniture beautiful. Additionally, they have a line devoted to “the common thread for the cure” – a non-profit that combines the furniture industry with the fight against breast cancer.


cf stinson is another great, versatile fabric manufacturer that offers a wide range of products to choose from. The Jazz collection is Agion Antimicrobial. Bleach solution cleanable, GreenShield soil + stain protective finish, 100% Eco Intelligent (post consumer recycled polyester) and has a non-halogenated, no-brominated FR enhance moisture barrier. (i.e AWESOME!)


DesignTex is a favorite here at the office (and not just because they’re a Steelcase company). Another large selection of everything from handmade rugs to panel fabric, I’m a fan of their environmental designs. Though most manufacturers are already very green focused, DesignTex takes the time on their website to point out their mission, recycling options, stories and history. It takes it an extra step. As a green conscientious consumer, I appreciate that.


Maharam: 2001: A Space Odyssey

And last, but not least, Maharam. A fourth generation, family owned company, they originally started out in costume fabrics and then morphed towards commercial interiors in the ’60’s. They, too, have the variety need to make your space creative and fun…but they also offer quite a few eccentric pieces that could make for a wonderful conversation piece.


Fabrics help accentuate your office. It can brighten up, offer a creative outlet for your co-workers and keep the office interesting. It can also create a dreary scene or unmotivated work area – so choose carefully!

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