May 26, 2021

Todd Reps, Design Program Manager

#1: Running along Alki is my way of reducing stress and anxiety. When I’m running I’m able to just open my mind and let random thoughts come in and out, if I’m really stressed about something before a run by the time I’m done the stress has left and I feel much calmer. I think a lot of that calmness afterwards comes from where I’m running, I’ve always been drawn to water and love hearing the waves lapping on the shore during my early morning runs.

#2: Cool furniture and light fixtures. I first saw the pendant light a few years ago when I took a trip to Puerto Vallarta, we were walking around Zona Romantica one morning and happened upon this home design store that this pendant light was hanging in. The store was closed but ever since I saw it that day I was obsessed and wanted to have one in my house. After some internet searching, I was finally able to figure out the name and source from where I could purchase it from. This past summer I was able to buy the fixture and have since installed it in my dining room. I love it! It is such a simple form but designed in such an amazing way.

#3: Cooking. During the course of the pandemic I’ve made a concerted effort to really focus on healthy eating – not that I was eating poorly beforehand. This whole situation just made me re-focus those efforts and keep doing it on a consistent basis. I’ve come to realize that I really do like cooking, mainly because it is a process of creating something that you get to enjoy afterwards.

Todd is the design program manager for OpenSquare. He has over 17 year's of design experience, working with some of our largest clients creating beautiful spaces. Connect with him on LinkedIn: