May 26, 2021

Maxine Hoddinott, Design Studio Resource Lead

Maxine delights in nature and how land is transformed by wind and water to create design that fuels inspiration in her work.

Frenchman's Coulee (The Feathers) - Washington

City of Rocks - Idaho

Chesler Park - Utah

And if what you need is a little inspiration but more indoors, Maxine suggests

The Museum of Anthropology at University of British Columbia

Maxine has over 30 years of design experience for commercial and residential spaces. As the design lead she manages corporate furniture accounts and assists clients in all phases of systems furniture specifying, space planning, departmental or staff programing, design, scheduling and building codes or regulations. Maxine specializes in complex re-configures and new projects due to her key understanding of schedules, deliverables, and accuracy of processes.

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