Aug 05, 2021

Curated By...Amber King

When my work day is done, or it’s early Saturday morning and I’m having my tea, my favorite thing to do is read a book. I love the places I get to go in books; New York, England, Singapore, Australia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Ireland, Italy, all over the world. I get to suspend reality for a little bit, turn my mind off, and relax. I love a good murder mystery. I love trying to figure out who the killer is. I’m rarely right, but it’s still fun. I get very caught up in books, I feel what the characters are feeling, the happy, the sad, the excitement. Sometimes it surprises me, I’ll be holding my breath when the killer is chasing someone, and not even realize it; I’ll start crying when a couple breaks up; and laugh out loud when the writer knows how to deliver a funny line. Sometimes I’ll read 2 or 3 books in a week. I love it!!

Amber has been with OpenSquare for nearly 10 years as a Client Services Coordinator and recently moved to be our Customer Service Supervisor. She has always been passionate about providing amazing client service. In her new role, Amber will be focusing on developing new ways to enhance OpenSquare's internal and external customer experience.

Connect with Amber at [email protected]