May 17, 2021

Cori Enghusen

Stolen from a Seattle Times article: Are we working from home, or living at work?

As with many people, I have struggled a bit over the past year to fully separate my work and non-work life. I’ve done my best to create a clearly defined space within my home for work but, with everything still under the same roof, the line gets blurred. And with no clear change of environment, it’s tough to stay motivated to complete other projects around the house. Here is a short list of some jams that help me get my head out of work and focus on other tasks:

Cori combines the discipline of a professional athlete and experience in project management to engage people at all levels of an organization to create innovative workspaces. She has been with OpenSquare for five years. Cori has also worked with clients with globally distributed workforces to create remote office spaces that align with brand and work culture.