Apr 29, 2021

Steve Day

I first arrived on the NW scene back in 1987. Some of these artists I carried with me from childhood and others were just carving their way to the top as Seattle became the epicenter during the “grunge” movement. I selected these songs because, to me, they either channel a quintessential feel to that particular artist or that the song was crafted when the group was most raw, authentic…less mainstream…not tamed by success.

When I am driving between appointments, staring out the window at winter rain, digging deep during a workout or simply changing my mindset…these native tunes evoke a passion that grounds me in the moment.


Playlist link - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6pdbHLZ1YcDndVQCWegeQm?si=iSUFv2abTJ-vu4g69N9_ag

Steve Day has been in the furniture industry since 1989 and with OpenSquare since 1997. His responsibilities include being the new product specialist for major accounts. Steve works closely with design and project management from drawing and specification development through project execution.