Yesterday, we had Paula from Coalesse show the sales team the cool Hosu chair. Sleek, multi-use, and comfy…what more could you want in your office? Today’s blog will showcase 3 other cool chairs that would make your workspace a little more versatile.


1. Hosu from Coalesse –


Personally, I’d like that entire set up. Lamp, cute table, open space with concrete walls for the industrial office feel. “Hosu encourages spreading out. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this unique work lounge creates a comforting personal space to relax and get things done”.


2. Big Lounge by Turnstone –


The Campfire series from Turnstone is great furniture for collaboration or solo time. Comfy, cool colors, modern – the Big Lounge is perfect for any office or school setting. ” Big Lounge is just as good a place to work and generate big ideas as it is laze and loiter.”


3. Emu by Coalesse –




It may look like I’m playing favorites, but I really enjoy Coalesse’s seating line. And emu is no exception. This indoor/outdoor chair creates an architectural dreamland of smooth lines and sophisticated style. Sigh. “A lounge chair, along with cafe armchair and side chair, comprise the chair selection; a coordinating upholstered stool is also available.”


  4. C.R. Lounge by Davis –



I think this is a chair that impresses upon first glance. It looks cool – maybe it’s uncomfortable? There’s only one way to find out…nope! it’s perfect. This year, it won a silver medal at NEOCON . “The large, inviting seat appears to open up as you draw closer, beckoning you to relax in its warm embrace”.


Have a suggestion for a cool, unique, comfy, inviting, must have chair? Leave a comment and let me know!


~ Kendal

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