Bank & Office Interiors recently held their annual sales meeting at the Elliot Bay Yacht Club in Seattle to discuss initiatives, review the past year, and to celebrate our success!

Rudy won 3 awards! All three poses were awesome…

I’m currently getting my Masters in Communication and Leadership at Gonzaga University and just aced my organizational leadership class (last day was the day of our sales meeting). What I really liked about the readings we had was the importance placed on motivating and listening to your employees. Events like a sales retreat away from the office is a great way to reestablish goals, learn new techniques and connect with your team in a social setting. Have you found any methods that help motivate your team? Any tips you’ve received or practices you’ve appreciated as an team member?


Side note: out of all the readings, my favorite was The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.


Have a great week!


Kendal (the Marketing Rep)

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