Bank & Office Interiors sells quite a few pieces of furniture to our customers – but I’ve never taken the time to find out what some of co-worker’s favorite pieces are.


Personally, I’m a big fan of the dash light by Details. It’s sleek. It has an LED light. It also comes in a variety of colors. You can learn more about it here.


Josh in IT chose Answer by Steelcase. “It goes together like an erector set – which every child should have played with”. As a former installer, Josh would know about putting it together with a major benefit being the ease you can rearrange it. Check out more info here.


Lynda, a designer, loves the look of the Coalesse Enea Lotus Stool. “The profile is clean lines and doesn’t obstruct the views” It is a good looking and versatile with a look and dynamic that allows you to put it just about anywhere. Find out more info here.


Claudia, an admin assistant, is a fan of the Steelcase i2i chair (which is my number 2!). “They’re just really fun to sit in!”. And she’s right! The low seating is part of the collaborative collection which was designed to make teamwork easier. Definitely a cool product that would be great in any office! Find out more info here!


Kevin in contract sales had to choose two. First, he went with the Leap Lounge with Ottoman because it’s a cool design and very comfy when you get to put your feet up. It does look really nice – find out here!


He then went on to say the media:scape (which is my number 3). “It’s one of my favorites because of the ease in which you can share ideas with associates and clients”. And he’s right – now Steelcase has the mini and the mobile media:scape with allows for any room to become interactive and collaborative. Check it out here.



Answer – here it’s a cube, but the possibilities are endless


The lovely Enea stool in action
Leap Lounge with Ottoman – I could definitely get comfy
media:scape offers easy collaboration and a great way to share info!

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