“A green building comes to life when people who inhabit it walk the walk” ~ Gerald Hines

B&OI continues to stay committed to making our world a greener place. That is why we’re proud to announce our participation in the Hines “Green Office” initiative.  Hines GREEN OFFICE (HinesGO) is a voluntary, internal program created to measure and reward sustainability within all Hines offices worldwide. Hines employees lead the effort in setting the standard for a sustainable future by “walking the walk” in our own offices. Hines offers the same GREEN OFFICE program to its tenants around the world. To date, approximately 300 tenants, representing more than 13 million square feet of occupied space, have achieved the designation (http://www.hines.com/about/sustainability/default.aspx).

B&OI has filled out the questionnaire and successfully meets the criteria to be an official “Green Office” (70 “leaf credits” are needed – B&OI has 77 out of 100)! We are proud to support our community in the environmental effort put forth and look forward to meeting the highest standard possible in this new initiative.

~ Kendal (marketing rep)

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