On Monday morning, I stepped on the scale in the middle of my workout and cringed. After four days of being thankful for various food dishes and beverages, my body was telling me, rather blatantly, that I may have taken gluttony to a new level.


To beat the turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, various types of pie and wine out of me, I plan on taking additional steps at the office to help shed some calories. Here are four tips to help  jump start the activity:


1. Take fitness breaks. I’ve written responses to a few articles that talk about how your office chair is killing you. The first step is actually getting up from your desk every 50 minutes to an hour. Set your outlook calendar, your cell phone, your co-worker…anything that makes you move.

Your response could be “but I’m busy and in the middle of a major project”. Take one minute,  push your chair away from your desk, lean back and stretch your arms over your head. Pick your feet off the floor and rotate your ankles. Roll your shoulders, softly roll your neck….and get back to work! Repeat every hour!


2. Get your co-workers involved. Know a few colleagues you don’t mind talking with in the cafe at lunch time? Why don’t you suggest taking the conversation to go! Pack a healthy wrap so you can eat while you walk without the mess and burn those calories. You can set a goal to walk at least 2 times per week.

Your response could be “but it’s winter and the weather is gross”. Very true. I work in a center that has 5 flights of stairs and rather walkable paths indoors. Is there a mall close by? Mall walkers are not just our grandparents! How about a Lowes or Home Depot? Don’t let this derail you…just get creative!


3. Find a few desk routines. There are many websites that offer different exercises you can do at your desk. Like this one. Or this one. And here’s a youtube video workout.

You could say “but I’ll look funny and awkward”. I can’t stand there and tell your co-workers to stop chuckling or staring. And you may have to explain to your boss why you’re doing lunges in your workspace. However, as you continue to get fitter and this becomes more of a second nature, inevitably the stares will stop and those same coworkers may start coming to you for advice.


4. Stay hydrated. Water. Lots of it. All day. Cut back your coffee/tea intake, try and remove soda from your diet and drink lots of water. I’ve also read having a smaller water glass will  help get you away from your desk to get more water…instant break!

You shouldn’t have a response to this one…we’ve been told since we were 8 that 8 glasses a day of water is a good thing. They may have take away Pluto as a planet and the Triceratops existence – but water is still a necessary.


There are many additional articles you can find on this – here is Mayo Clinic’s article and Prevention’s article. Also bing/google searching “exercise at the office” or “workouts at the office” brings up a bunch of info, as well. Additionally, this is one of my favorite topics – so if you want more info on health at the office, check out this article and this article.


Stay Healthy!



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