B&OI’s 2006 Bowling Outing

The Company Event. It may be your Halloween Costume Contest or the Holiday luncheon, but most companies are opting to provide their employees with a fun way to come together inside and outside the office. An annual event during the summer offers a great way to lift up spirits from the long winter that just won’t seem to quit (at least in Seattle!).


“Boosting and maintaining morale in the workplace is very important for both employee productivity and retention” writes Kelly Services. By offering these little perks, even if you can’t give out bonuses or high pay, your are showing your employees that you value and appreciate their hard work and want to reward them for their dedication. Our company is about to head down to our warehouse location for some BBQ and then off to a Mariner’s game!


Please check out the article from Kelly Services for some great all company event ideas! Click here!

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