You can do push-ups in the office!

If you live out on the west coast, specifically the Pacific Northwest, then summer is just starting to come through. When we’re not outside enjoying the gray, 60 degree weather, we’re inside the office, sitting, working hard for our jobs and neglecting our bodies. It’s important to remember to stay fit for yourself, even when buried under mounds of paper work. I found two cool articles that offer some tips to staying fit…in the office.


From, they offer 9 tips you can use (check out the article here) – here are a few:


* Need ideas? Take a walk: Brainstorm project ideas with a co-worker while taking a walk, either in or out of the office.


* Visit your coworkers: Walk down the hall to speak with someone rather than using the telephone or sending an e-mail.


* Save the Date: Schedule exercise time on your business calendar and treat it as any other important appointment.



Total performance offered two (out of five) tips I really liked for the office (check out full article here):


* Morning workouts – summer (normally) tends to get warm and working out at lunch or in the evening can be painful. However, there’s something about a 5:30am run with the cool air invigorating your senses to wake up that gets your work day going!


* Summer diet – oh I said it (well they started it). They suggest Barley should be added to your diet (great for kidneys, keeps intestines cool), as well as fruits and veggies. I agree! Make this the summer you skip the muffins and croissants and cake Wednesdays and enjoy Greek yogurt, baby carrots with peanut butter and fresh salads with yummy trimmings and a light vinegarette.


Of course this isn’t the end all, be all list of tips. If there’s a coworker in the office your friends with, working together and making each other accountable for changes is a great way to stay motivated. But ideally, not neglecting your limbs and health for the sake of 10 more minutes of sitting in your chair (which really turns in to 2 hours and you know it) is what you’re striving for.


Good luck!



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