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The future of work, on display

What does the future of work look like? The WorkBetter Lab takes a look at the technology, design, and furniture shaping it. Get the latest insights on returning to a better workplace.

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As organizations seek clarity, they must understand that hybrid work is and needs to be a customized model for every organization looking to adopt it. What differentiates organizations is not just the work being done, but the ways in which work colleagues experience their unique culture.

Belonging can bring out the very best in everyone. The more we invite and encourage people to participate, the more connected they’ll feel and the more equity they’ll experience.

The influx of investment in Seattle labs has surprised many, and some who have never considered the asset class are finding value in growing this asset class’s presence.

Seattle continues to solidify its position as a leading tier 2 market for life sciences. Now ranked among the top 10 in the country, the push to find investment and development opportunities for one of the fastest-growing asset classes shows few signs of slowing down.  

Kids and teens are passionate about gaming. And while some educators and parents are skeptical, the educational value of gamification in learning is real.

Jan 26, 2022

Katai Video

With HD video capture and the ability to follow and automatically frame participants, Katai camera solutions can shine in any work environment, from class rooms, exam rooms to board rooms. Compact design, built in speakers and wireless capabilities mean you can move it where you need it, stream wirelessly to a display or other wireless systems to leverage existing infrastructure.

Jan 18, 2022

9 Products We Love

From collaboration tools to noise-canceling headset and whiteboard cameras, new products are constantly being launched to support hybrid work and workplace experience. Here's 9 of our favorite technology products.

Digital displays provide much more today than decorative value. They help reduce traffic and confusion, and can extend your brand’s voice. And digital displays are an essential tool for your return to the office. Let’s take a look at three creative ways you can put them to work. 1. Spread the Word. Deliver an experience.

Our One Workplace Return to the Office Checklist will help you prepare for the return with ways to manage your facilities, safe meeting spaces, & more...

We’re coming out of one of the most tumultuous challenging years ever experienced – one where we asked healthcare systems, providers, and clinicians to do the impossible.

We’re in the business of supporting the business of healthcare, and along with everyone else, we’ve witnessed severe challenges within the industry over the past two years for both patients and providers. We believe insights and innovation are more critical than ever to improve the health of healthcare.