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OpenSquare is proud to jump start the new year with exciting ideas for making creations affordable in all parts of your office. Including our Bassline Table signature event, and the award winning Series 1 chair that acts like a chameleon with a multitude of finish options. We are so proud to announce the exclusive relationship with Steelcase and AMQ – with real opportunities to add that special top to a very cost competitive height adjustable base.

The Bassline buzz

Bassline brings a unique, curated look to lounge settings and in-between spaces in the office. It is made for more than magazines and coffee. It kicks down old doors and celebrates all a table can be. Because, like the notes of a song, its possibilities are limitless. Choose from standard offerings or make a statement by adding your own custom top for a truly one-of-a-kind piece.
About the Bassline table

Bassline is personal and infinitely creative.
It raises the bar and sets the tone with hard lines and smooth edges.
It adds elegance with curves and thoughtful design.


Set the tone with hard lines, smooth
edges and thoughtful design.

Choose from standard offerings or add a
custom top for a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


Named after a musical bassline that keeps the beat and sets the tempo of a song, Bassline is a visual cue marking the identity and culture of a team or place. Just as a strong bassline can change a song from punk to rock, adding or subtracting a statement piece like Bassline can radically alter the look and feel of a space.

With the custom top option, people can leave their own thumbprint in the office with something special designed to perform at the highest levels in the industry. This makes it easy to personalize any setting for a Bassline that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Learn about our Bassline charity event that gives back to the community. We are partnering with local design firms to create Bassline tables to be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to Music4Life.
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People want to work in spaces that are unique and “set apart.” Places that push boundaries and add personality to predictable landscapes.

With the custom top option, people can leave their own thumbprint in the office with something special designed to perform at the highest levels in the industry. This makes it easy to personalize any setting for a Bassline that’s truly one-of-a-kind.


Innovative Features

With a weight limit of 800 lbs, Bassline is a great choice for commercial spaces looking for something unexpected that nods heavily to the themes of startup culture. For those looking to design outside turnstone’s offerings, the innovative platform was created specifically to support a customer’s own top.

Series 1 Chair

Taking inspiration from the automotive industry, Steelcase is leveraging the inherent quality and performance of the brand and creating our own “Series” moniker to denote a product collection. Steelcase Series 1 represents our entry into a class of chair that typically does not come with the ergonomics, quality and choice that our seating solution delivers. Series 1 is attainable performance, style and choice. Best in class. A new class. By Steelcase.

Series 1 was thoughtfully designed with the performance you’ve come to expect from Steelcase. With integrated LiveBack® technology, adaptive bolstering and 4D adjustable arms, Series 1 delivers dynamic performance without sacrificing attainability.

Origin story of the Series 1 chair

Steelcase spent time coming up with the ideas behind the Series 1 chair. They put thought, time and energy into making a chair that blended superior ergonomics with affordability. See what they had to say about creating the chair.
Learn about Series 1

A range of aesthetics

Series 1 offers 11 mix-and-match knit, flexor and lumbar color options, and a wide range of shell and finish options that enable organizations to express their brand in a way that best represents them. Plus, it’s available in standard and stool heights with headrest and coat hanger options to support a wide range of tasks and workstyles.

Affordable Ergonomics


Series 1 is a reliable chair at an affordable price. Integrated Live Back Technology allows the chair back to change shape and mimics the user’s spine as it moves throughout the day. Adjustable lumbar is standard.

Many competitors are weak on ergonomics, because their chairs feature “check-the-box” ergonomics like lumbar that doesn’t really give support, or too many confusing knobs so people give up on making adjustments.

Real estate compression and multi-purpose spaces continue to be a trend while at the same time there is a large range of user body sizes. Series 1 is a chair that works in many different spaces and applications.


Take a look at our other seating options

Want to see what else we have to offer? Check out our products page.
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Get to know AMQ

In December 2017, Steelcase acquired AMQ, a Silicon Valley-based provider of height-adjustable desks and benches, mid-market ergonomic seating and other products. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, AMQ delivers high quality, affordable products, responsive service and five day lead times. Check out the announcement we put together to spread the word about this exciting new addition.
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What sets AMQ apart


AMQ has been working with nearly 700 dealers across the United States, and the network is growing with the addition of all Steelcase dealers in the U.S.
AMQ is part of the Steelcase family of brands, along with Designtex, PolyVision, Coalesse, and Turnstone.

AMQ offers a robust line of value-oriented open plan solutions including height-adjustable tables, benching, seating, storage and workplace accessories. AMQ offers a limited range of finishes, which is essential to their 5-day shipping model.


A great aspect of AMQ products is the ability to add a custom table top on the basic frames, allowing customers to get a unique product at affordable prices.

AMQ offers an attractive warranty that leads within its segment of the market that includes ten years on all products, and five years on ACTIV and KINEX electrical/mechanical components.