5 Office Friendly Fitness Tips

    You can do push-ups in the office! If you live out on the west coast, specifically the Pacific…

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Beat the Holiday Pounds at the Office!

On Monday morning, I stepped on the scale in the middle of my workout and cringed. After four days of…

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Staying Fit in the Office – Edition 2

Personally, I think going to the office can be painful (and recent articles concur!). Depending on your current employment situation,…

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Lunch from home.

What’s in your lunch box?

      It’s 11:55am on a Wednesday morning and you’re starving…what are you going to do? If you planned…

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Your Health and the Office – Don’t Neglect Yourself!

There has been a rash of articles written over the past few weeks (and years) on how deadly your office…

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